About Us

“ I like my sports with a Trinidad & Tobago flavor, not only do I get the local sports but also get international football with the local take on it, and that I enjoy more than anything.” – Shaka Hislop (ESPNFC)

Our Approach

WELCOME TO #EXTV. Which stands for Extra Time TV.
WE COVER ALL THINGS FOOTBALL! In Trinidad & Tobago and globally! Football and by extension sport is a universal language that touches every corner of that planet.  Whether it’s match previews, analysis news, E-sports club banter, gaming we touch on it all!   We stand as a gateway for Millions around the world bridging cultures and embracing the global nature of the game.
With regular guests like ESPN FC’s Shaka Hislop, Russell Latapy, Darren Ganga just to name a few we have opened the world to our approach and unique segments.
We made a conscious decision to approach football from a “purist” perspective! Not shying away from the fiery of “Banter” that exists, we decided to combine our passion for all things football and merge it with sporting individuals who can add quality and substance to our discussions!
We are here to change the game. We respect conventional thinking but take pride in challenging the established norms and celebrate the unique and innovative mindsets that are often overlooked. Extra Time TV is omnicultural and has a vision that is unmatched in the Caribbean region. Being entirely inclusive we are creating our own unique culture, traditions, rituals and the world.
Football has many stories to tell and we love listening to them, and now its time to tell them from a Caribbean perspective, we are the voice of a people that want to share their stories and EXTRA TIME TV is the FACE OF THIS NEW FOOTBALLING VOICE

Our Story

Our journey started in Trinidad & Tobago when we realized that as fans and actively participating in sport and football that we were not getting coverage of the unique segments, at all! In 2015 it was decided that my team was competent enough to create our own content without the limitations of a TV station. The experience Andre acquired in professional football and media was the necessary foundation needed to get this project started.

So much content was being untapped and unique stories to be told and combined with Kevon Campbell there was a wealth of knowledge and drive that would open limitless possibilities. The team literally did everything internally form editing, content creation and being accessible on multiple platforms.

The result? EXTV despite adversity has gone from strength to to strength appearing on and working with multiple networks and gaining the respect of many globally recognized personalities in sport media globally. Most notably Flowsports among others. Literally built from just pure passion and a desire to give fans something unique we have continued to grow. With just a few guys and a dream, the possibilities are endless.

Meet the Team

The people who are responsible for the daily commitment to excellence, and innovation that EXTV stands for.

Andre Sooklal

Founder & CEO

Andre Sooklal comes from a wealth of experience in a considerably short time. With over 6 years of experience in media, broadcasting, professional football, content creation and editing Andre Sooklal was able to use all his experience to construct and take EXTV to where it is today. He is involved in every process from the ground up and is the key Chief Creative officer. Accreditation and respect from the traditional media in such a short time combined with innovative ventures with the University of The West Indies Sport Management program, expansion into other sports, media articles are some of the many responsibilities under his watch.

Laurence Inniss

Cameraman/IT Manager

Laurence Inniss is the man responsible for all technical aspects involving EXTV. His acumen in the I.T. field combined with a creative side that is shared by Andre Sooklal makes him the ideal person in this position. Works directly with Andre from conceptual to execution of all tasks .


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Equal Opportunity Statement

Extra Time TV is an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, marital status, protected veteran status, disability status, or any other characteristic protected by law.