Dwight Yorke imparts the importance of Discipline to young Trinidad & Tobago footballers

Recently in an initiative arranged by the TTFA’s technical director Dion La Foucade, former Trinidad & Tobago and Manchester United legend Dwight Yorke engaged in a Zoom conference involving the youth players of the national Trinidad & Tobago set up. The aim was to have a player with the stature and experience of Dwight Yorke engage in mentoring and sharing his experiences with the young players, answering the questions that any aspiring young professional player would like to know. Let’s be honest taking advice from a man who won the legendary treble at Manchester United and captained his national team to historic first senior World Cup is someone that is definitely worth a listen. Dwight spoke about a wide array of topics and participated in a Q & A session that is quite a refreshing approach to helping our youth players develop.

Dwight in his opening statements spoke in detail about discipline and how it is an essential attribute if one aims to be successful as a footballer. He stated that “It’s a huge part of any successful sportsman. If you don’t have discipline it’s always going to be challenging for you and I think that is something that separates me from a lot of players.”

He further elaborated on how in his time there were many talented players and these qualities that he possessed enabled him to rise to the levels he did. The desire to be better and not just be another “great potential” was one of the key motivators in Dwight’s development as a player and that it was this trait which was a key factor in separating him from just being a “potential” but to become the player he became.

He further went on to summarize by saying “To have that discipline and separate yourself was the key factor in my success.” Kudos must be given to the technical director Dion La Foucade for such an initiative. Often times rightfully or wrongfully so some of the former players are accused of not giving back enough or turning their backs on football but this showed a side of the former Manchester United star that was is surely welcome not just by the youth players present but by all those who love the game of football in Trinidad & Tobago.

Discipline and professionalism are words that often thrown around but seldom used in the context of our sport. This has unfortunately been a problem that has plagued our sporting environment so it is absolutely crucial for the mental development of players to hear from players like Dwight Yorke, particularly the attributes outside footballing traits that are required to become a success. They can now set a benchmark for themselves in terms of their personal goals. Years ago this sort of interaction with players would have been seen as impossible but this was a positive move in a time where there is not much to be positive about in football.

It has always been quite a challenge to reach out to the youth in the past but this definitely bodes well that the discussion was not just about the physical attributes but the mental attributes which often was left unaddressed before. Dwight Yorke ended that particular point off by emphasizing that without discipline “There is very little future for you.”

Check out the TTFA Zoom conversation here.

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