EXTV’s Andre attempts to change the past by winning the World Cup 2006 with Trinidad & Tobago!

EXTV’s Andre visits FIFA World Cup 2006 to win the World Cup with Trinidad & Tobago


Extra Time TV prides itself on being brave, new and innovative in its approach and this time it is no different. Using the forum of E-Sports Andre Sooklal and is revisiting the glory of the euphoric moment Trinidad & Tobago qualified for the World Cup in 2006. Not just a generic interview that one comes to expect when discussing such issues but will live stream the game and engage everyone, including former players in this event. The objective as stated in the title is Andre’s attempt to re-engage the nation and change the outcome of what took place the last time around.

How does it work?

We all remember how it went last time around, the “Soca Warriors” bravely drew against Sweden but did not make it out of the group stage. However this time the outcome will be different, at least Andre hopes so.  He will be playing a game that is over 14 years old, live for everyone to see.
The games will follow the exact fixture list that was used in the World Cup back in 2006 and will be broadcast live on the EXTV YouTube Channel. However, that is not all former players such as Shaka Hislop, Kenwyne Jones, Kelvin Jack among others will be actively engaging in the lead-up and on the actual match days itself. Simply head over the Extra Time TV Facebook page and join in the pre-match banter on the event pages. You can interact and engage with Andre and the Soca Warriors about tactics, squad selection and pretty much whatever you want to talk about. Also head over to the YouTube channel subscribe, like and set the reminder so you won’t miss out on the live games.

The Fixtures:

The group stage games will be played on the following dates:

If Andre successfully negotiates the group stage the format will be followed exactly like that of the World Cup 2006 and hopefully with the support of fans, the player we can taste the glory that perhaps seemed inconceivable years ago and have fun doing it!

How you can support?

  • Head over to our official site www.extvmedia.com 
  • Go to the EXTV Facebook page where the event pages will be present and you can join in the pre-match chat and share with all your friends. You can have your say on line-ups, your favourite memory, chat with players and more!
  • Head over to the YouTube channel, click subscribe, like and the reminder button to ensure that you do not miss the game and you can partake in the chat leading up to the game and give Andre or the opposition your thoughts!
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  • Share with all your friends, family, fans who remembered how a nation that is troubled by many things for one moment forgot about all that. 

This is not merely an exercise in nostalgia but a chance to relive, remember and change the outcome and have fun doing it. In a time where the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world for us, all this is EXTV’s way of highlighting a moment that was one of our proudest and even making it prouder!

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