Trinidad & Tobago coach Terry Fenwick using technology to scout and recruit during COVID-19 pandemic!

Trinidad & Tobago coach Terry Fenwick has faced many adversities that most coaches would normally not have to face without even the kick of a ball. The FIFA normalization committee and a terrible global pandemic. None of which has stopped him from doing his duties in innovative ways where many others may have put there hands up in anguish and frustration.

Terry Fenwick a former England International has utilized technology as a means to still go about his buisness as the national coach. Utilizing streaming services such as ZOOM, email and even gave the call on EXTV’s very own youtube channel for players who would be interested in submitting information or ask questions.

‘Come and speak to me” – Terry Fenwick issues call to players to contact him or through Andre Sooklal from EXTV.

From a release from the TTFA he made the following statements “Listen you guys out there, from around the world (and) not just the twin-island of TT, you guys with parentage outside there (globally) that are good enough, got the skill-sets, the mentality, toughness, discipline to contribute to TT national football teams, now is the time to step up,” he further added.

“Whatever you’ve got; cv, videos, send them to me. WhatsApp, email (messages); shoot them to me so my coaches and I can have a look and we’ll come back to you. It’s a great opportunity, despite the terrible virus. Let’s make the most of it. Good luck,”

Trinidad & Tobago coach Terry Fenwick using ZOOM to chat with players from the TTFA

This is definitely an admirable approach taken by the former QPR and Tottenham man to his job. For potential players at all levels, this is quite refreshing because in the past there seemed to be quite a difficult task to have any meaningful communication with coaches in the national set up. Now one can go to the source. In in an Extra Time TV he issued the call to n to just the men but women as well. In a football environment that is riddled with unhealthy political undertones and agendas, no matter where you stand this a commendable effort.

For those who wish to contact Terry Fenwick or EXTV please fill out the contact form below.

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